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Wahana Most wanted by many people in Ancol Dufan

A lot of people who want a holiday to dufan, including myself, but many people who have not visited it, because expensive or distance. And for you who want to come there do not forget some of the most favored rides people who have come there.

          Fantasy World or more often known Dufan is a tourist attraction in North Jakarta which was founded on August 28, 1985. Since the establishment of this place of entertainment, many visitors come from within and abroad to feel how exciting rides that are inside. The rides that are served are very diverse, so visitors will not be bored in this entertainment place
Following some of the most favored rides many visitors :

1. Rides Turangga-Rangga Dufan

This vehicle is better known as turning comedy. Spinning comedy with 40 horse mounts that put thousands of lights of various colors to be characteristic of this one vehicle. The lights are always burning alternately able to captivate the view of visitors. This rides will invite visitors to enter the romance as a child, so no wonder this vehicle is loved visitors of all ages.

2. Rides Bianglala Dufan

This rides is a large mill that is ready to take you to a height of ± 30 meters above sea level to see the natural surroundings. With these altitudes, you can see the buildings that occupy North Jakarta city, enjoy the beach view, and enjoy the sunset romance with family, friends, or relatives. It is not complete if not enjoy this Bianglala.

3. Rides Gajah Beleduk Dufan

As the name suggests, rides Elephant Beleduk is an elephant-shaped game that invites visitors to circle around the area around the rides. It is perfect for relaxing with family.

4. Rides Kora-kora Dufan

Almost the same, these rides concept similar to the swing but in large scale. Visitors will be swung back and forth to a 90 degree angle. This vehicle is a favorite for adolescents to test adrenaline, it is advisable for those of you who have heart disease not to try this vehicle. Ever played a swing? It must have been.

5. Rides Hysteria Dufan 

One more vehicle that is able to test the adrenaline visitor Hysteria. Visitors will be as if thrown up in time one after a second then immediately thrown down. The 24-person voyage is able to take you to a height of 60 meters in just 4 seconds.

6. Rides Kincir-Kincir Dufan

Rides Kicir-kicir become one of the most favorite rides for visitors because the most challenging in Dufan. Imagine, these rides will make you spin at a height of 17 meters and bring you spin 360 degrees twist while gliding. With a capacity of 24 people, this vehicle is more appropriate to be enjoyed by friends or relatives so you can share the story after enjoying this vehicle.

7. Rides Tornado Dufan

Rides who started operation in 2007 is perfect for those of you who want to test the adrenaline. It is one of the most extreme, thrilling and entertaining rides. You can imagine when you are invited to rotate 360 ​​degrees at high speed above the altitude. The 40-person vessel is more appropriate when enjoyed with friends.

8. Rides Halilintar Dufan

The lightning rides become one of the favorite and extreme rides in Dufan, Halilintar rides are able to test your adrenaline to not only feel the slide with a 360 degree loop, but also high and high cornering and descending trajectories. With a capacity of 24 people, this vehicle is able to make you and your relatives and friends shouting hysterically to forget all the saturation of the daily routine. Come prepare yourself to enjoy this one ride

9. Rides Rajawali Dufan

The eagle rides were operating in 1988 to invite visitors to a height of 25 meters round and round. In this vehicle also you can learn the physics of circular motion and control system.

10. Rides Arung Jeuram Dufan

Color your excitement while in Dufan by trying rafting rides. Rides that can make visitors soaking wet. With a pump technology capable of draining water up to 1000 L / sec and 325 m long artificial rafting, can make visitors feel the sensation of riding a real rafting. Operated since 1996 and the country of manufacture from the United States with a capacity of 72 people. Eliminate your saturation by trying this one ride.

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