Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

Secret Recipes - Hot Spicy Tempe Sauce

Sauce is the most popular food of many people in Indonesia, even I myself really like it. Each region in Indonesia has its own distinctive sauce.
And sauce which this one is very different from the other sauce I have ever tried, the first time I tried it when I was in my hometown and my mother made this sauce at home.
Curious what the recipe and how to make it, let's just see it :

Ingredients :
- Cayenne pepper to taste
- Salt to taste
- Red onion 5 cloves
- starfruit acids 10 pieces
- tempe according to taste

How to make :
- Add the cayenne pepper and salt to taste, then ulek until smooth
- Input red onion again until smooth
- then input starfruit acids, ulek rough course not smooth
- and the last input tempe that has been burned first then ulek again until half destroyed.

Happy Cooking :)

Note : Tempenya can be burned, fried or in gongseng, according to taste only.

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