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MYOB Accounting Application v.18 Plus

Preparing Financial Statement with MYOB v.18 Plus


            Back again on my blog, this time I will discuss about MYOB v.18 Plus accounting software, this is an application that can facilitate us in preparing financial statements, be it financial reports company, organization, or government.
The first time I learned this software during my 4th semester at LP3I Business College Banda Aceh was taught by Ms. Novi Faurini he is a lecturer there, we studied with the book written by Mr. Hadi Muttaqin is also an Accounting lecturer at LP3I BC Banda Aceh.

Well, now I want to share a little knowledge that I know about this software, and I will discuss about what modules do I have in this MYOB Accounting application? Start we discuss one by one :

1. Account

In this Account module is used to enter a variety of important information, such as initial listing of transactions or financial statements, looking at the accounting chart, separating financial statements based on the type of business of a company, and so forth. Account Module there are several display command button that has their respective functions, namely:
- Account List, used to add, rename or delete an existing account.
- Record Journal Entry, used to enter transactions in accordance with general journal readings.
- Transaction Journal, used to view information or all transactions in accordance with the specified date.
- BASlink, is used to set the Business Account Statement,
Send to MYOB Accountants Office, used to store corporate financial statements or send via E-mail.

2. Banking

The banking module is used to write the check issued or received by the company. By utilizing this module can reconcile the checks so that the balance of the company's checking accounts matches the accounts owned by other companies.
In the Banking module there are eight command buttons that can be utilized according to the functions and commands of each command button. Display the command button include:

- Spend Money, to record or enter multiple check withdrawals from check accounts.
- Bank Register, to view the mutation of each cash / bank account as well as register transactions through the menu and to transfer the balance from one account to another.
- Reconcile Accounts, to reconcile between bank records and company records.
- Receive Money, to record or enter receipts through checks.
- Print Checks, to print checks made from the window of money.
- Transaction Journal, to view all cash outlay transactions.
- Prepare Electronic Payments, to store transactions related to Payment.
- Prepare Bank Deposit, to store transactions related to receipt of funds through checks.

3. Sales

Sales module is used to record all activities related to sales and accounts receivable. All sales activities recorded in the sales module will automatically be included in the Transaction Journal list. In the sales module can also be used to record the names of consumers who often supply the goods so that when there is a sale transaction on the same consumer then no need to type again the name of the consumer. There are six command button sales module, namely :

- Sales Register, to view sales list, revenue from sales, sales returns, and other sales-related list.
- Enter Sales, to record ongoing sales transactions in cash or credit.
- Receive Payments, to record receipts from sales and receivable receivables.
- Print Statements, to print unpaid sales invoices.
- Print Invoices, to record sales invoices recorded through the Sales - New Service window.
- Transaction Journal, to view details of sales journals.

4. Time Billing

Time Billing is used to record activity information undertaken by companies relating to billing for employees, suppliers, or customers and to organize corporate activities for the previous fiscal year or current year. Display the command button on Time Billing module there are 5 namely :
- Activities List, to create information activities conducted company.

- Enter Activity Slip, to record the activity slip by the company as a record / archive.
- Activity Log, to view and review activity information that has been recorded.
- Prepare Time Billing Invoice, to record billing invoices for customers.
- Transaction Journal, to view details of payment / billing journal from customer.

5. Purchases

Purchase (purchase) is usually done company to supply merchandise which will be resold. Purchases can be made by credit or cash. The Purchase module is used to enter purchases, record repeat purchases, prepare purchase orders, receive ordered merchandise, check purchased items to fit the ordered specifications and manage the accounts payable in detail and accurately. Display command button contained in the purchase module include :
- Prepare Electronic Payments, to process payments on purchases.
- Enter Purchases, to record purchase transactions both cash and credit.
- Pay Bills, to record debt repayment payments.
- Print Purchase Orders, to print unpaid purchase invoices.
- Print Checks, to print checks related to purchases, debt repayments, and purchase returns.
- Purchases Register, to view the results of recording, purchase payments, and purchase returns.
- Transaction Journal, to view details of purchase journal.

6. Payroll

MYOB provides facilities for managing payroll lists and other payroll related transactions. The Payroll module is used to create new payroll lists and edit payroll categories, such as salary types, payroll deductions, employer fees and other payroll related matters. To access all payroll activities then activate the payroll module contained in the command center window. Payroll module has 6 facilities related to payroll, namely:

- Payroll Categories, to create and edit salary categories.
- Pay Employees, to record and edit salaries for employees.
- Print Paychecks, to print checks related to payroll.
- Print Payment Summaries, to print unpaid purchase invoices.
- Prepare Electronic Payments, to process employee payments, debts and other payments by check.
- Transaction Journal, to view details of payroll journal.

7. Inventory

Inventory module is used to process inventory or manage inventory management. With proper and accurate inventory management, companies can easily check inventory and with good inventory management arrangements, the company will be able to easily obtain the amount of inventory that still exists. In addition to recording all sorts of transactions, MYOB also provides facilities related to inventory analysis and management.
To process inventory in module Inventory then in this module there are 8 command button, among others :
- Set Item Prices, to set the selling price of an inventory (including profit).
- Items List, to see the list of inventory items.
- Count Inventory, to include the results of inventory physical calculations or to make adjustments to the value and quantity of a number of inventory items.
- Adjust Inventory, to make adjustments to the value and quantity of inventory items.
- Transfer Inventory, to transfer quantity and value between inventory items.
- Auto Build Inventory, to assemble the final item from a number of components.
- Transaction Journal, ¬ to see estimates relating to inventory outflows.
- Items Register, to display items of goods inventory both whole and per item.

8. Card File

Every company must be in touch with other parties. To facilitate in making and know the list of parties associated with the company then MYOB provides facilities Card Card module. With this module at any time the list of names of relations, customers, suppliers or employees can be viewed and can also be changed according to the ongoing circumstances. To facilitate the management of the Card Card module provides 4 facilities that have their respective functions, namely :
- Cards List, to make a list of names of people or companies that often deal with business and to see a list of card details that have been created.
- Contact Log, to see a summary of all existing contacts.
- Print Mailing Labels, to set and print mailing labels files for individuals or companies on file cards.
- Create Personalized Letters, to create a Mail Merge file that contains information about the person or company on the card file.

The explanation above is the main modules in MYOB Accounting application program especially MYOB Accounting Version 18 Plus. Each module represents each accounting activity such as journalism, receivable receipts, sales, purchases and others related to financial activities. MYOB Accounting also provides facilities that can manage if there are taxes used and also set the display of currency symbols. Currencies in MYOB Accounting are displayed in accordance with applicable computer settings.

Thank you, Wassalam.

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