Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

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A construction supervisor who is on the 5th floor wants to call the worker below.
After the foreman repeatedly called, the worker could not hear because it focused on his work and the noise of building tools at the time.
The foreman keeps asking the workers to look up, then the foreman throws Rp. 1,000 that fell right next to the worker. Workers collect only Rp 1,000 and continue the work.
The foreman finally wasted Rp 100,000 and hoped the worker would see "briefly" upstairs.
But the worker just jumped up because they found Rp 100,000 and went back to work.
Eventually the foreman threw a small precise stone at the worker's head. Feeling sick eventually the new worker will look up and get in touch with the foreman.

The above story is the same as our life, God always wants to greet us, but we are always busy taking care of our "world".
We are given a little or much livelihood, often we forget to look up to thank Him. Even more often we do not want to know where the fortune came.
In fact we always say we again "HOKI!"
Worse still we become arrogant with God's fortune.
So lest we get a throw of the "little rock" we call the disaster ...! So we will look to HIS.
Really God loves us so much, let us always remember to look to HIM before God throws the little stone.

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