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Indonesia Scout Day - August 14th

          Indonesia Scout Day is commemorated on August 14th. The Praja Muda Karana Movement (Pramuka) has a history that contributes to the nation's journey. The birth of Scout in Indonesia helped ignite the establishment of national movement.

Before echoing in Indonesia, the scouts had developed first in the UK through adolescent coaching by Lord Robert Baden Powell of Gilwell.
Powell is known to have many influential experiences on Scout activities such as the experience of defeating the Zulu kingdom in Africa, the sailing, swimming, camping and many more. The experience was written Powell in a book called 'Aids to Scouting'.
The book is a guide for young British soldiers to do their job. Then the leadership of Boys Brigade in England asked Powell to train its members based on his experience.

In 1908, Powell re-wrote a book containing his experience of scouting exercises. The book is titled 'Scouting for Boy' and then spread rapidly in the UK and other countries, including Indonesia.

The pioneer of the scouting movement in Indonesia started with the founding of Nederlandsche Padvinders Organisatie (NPO) which later turned into Nederlands Indische Padvinders. In 1916, S.P Mangkunegara VII set up its own scouting organization in the country, without any interference from the Dutch.

History of Scout in Indonesia

The organization was named Javaansche Padvinders Organisatie (JPO) and was the first scouting organization in the archipelago. The birth of the JPO became an encouragement for the establishment of another scouting organization in Indonesia at that time.

During the Japanese occupation, scouting and party organizations were forbidden to move. It was only in September 1945 that a number of figures from the Indonesian scouting movement gathered to meet in Yogyakarta. From the results of the congress on 27-29 September 1945 formed Pandu Rakyat Indonesia.

The presence of the Scout Movement in Indonesia has an important place in Indonesia based on MPRS decree no. II / MPRS / 1960. President Sukarno gave the mandate to the guiding leadership in the independent palace on March 9, 1961. That mandate to more effective penganduan scout as an important component in the nation's development.

The Scout Coat of Coconut Shadow which we know is currently ratified in Keppres No. 238 of 1961. Then on August 14, 1961, officially the Scout Movement was introduced to the community after President Sukarno bestowed Scout Movement Scout with Presidential Decree No. 448 of 1961.

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