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For you who are from the department of dental nurse

Dental Unit

        Dental Unit is a health tool, in Health Act No.36 Year 2009 Article 4 About Medical Device which explains that medical device is an instrument, apparatus, machine and / or non-drug implant used to prevent, diagnose, cure and relieve disease, The sick, restoring health to humans and / or forming structures and improving bodily functions. 
        Dental unit is a tool used by dentist to assist the examination and then determine what therapy can be given to the patient. In general to help with dental and oral care (drilling, patching, cleaning and inspection). 
      So it can be concluded that the Dental Unit tool is a tool used by the dentist to assist the examination and then determine what therapy can be given to the patient. In general, to help with dental and oral care (drilling, patching, cleaning, and inspection).

Dental Unit Types :

Type of Dentistry Unit in specification consists of:
  1. Fixed Pedestal Type : Is a unit of dentistry with a foundation and fixed mounted on.
  2. Type Chair Mountaid : Is a unit of dentistry that is fixed in the patient's chair of dentistry.
  3. Type Mobile : It is a unit of dentistry that can be moved easily through the tools already installed in the unit.
  4. Console Type : Is a unit of dentistry installed directly anywhere.
  5. Portable type : Is a unit of dentistry that can be carried easily where needed
Parts and Functions On Dental Units :

  1. Electric dental patient chair switch assembly (patient seat) : The patient seat is the seat where the patient is lying / sitting while checking the teeth.
  2. Assistant control (assistant control : The presence of a control assistant is to make it easier for doctors to work. This control assistant is certainly decontrol by a physician / nurse assistant
  3. Operating light : Operating light is a lamp that functioned as lighting into the patient's oral cavity during the examination.Operating light is telephoned in the presence of patients who can be arranged position by the doctor / nurse according to the desire / needs
  4. Instrument tray assembly (instrument assembly tray) : Instrument tray assembly is a part of Dental Unit that serves as a place put component components required when performing dental treatment by doctors / dental nurses.
  5. Tray assembly (assembly tray) : Tray assembly is part of Instrument tray assembly.
  6. Dentist chair : That seat is used by the dentists when checking patients. This chair has a wheel that forced to facilitate the movement doctor. On a set of Dental Unit usually there are two seats that is for doctors and assistant control
  7. Dental complex treatment unit (a complex dentistry unit) : Dental complex treatment unit is one of the important on Dental Unit where in Dental complex treatment this unit is dental processing unit like Hand pieces "drill teeth".
  8. Air-controlled feet (water controller) : To facilitate the dentist when treating the patient's water controller is usually located under the seat of the patient controlled by the dentist by using the foo 
  9. Instrument arm (instrument arm) : Instrument arm that is part of Dental Unit related to hand like Hand pieces "drill teeth".

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