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Nice ornamental chicken for nourishment

Hello, for you who like to keep this ornamental chicken post some nice ornamental chicken really to be maintained :

1. Cemani Chicken

Chicken cemani is a typical chicken from Indonesia. Characteristic of cemani chicken is all black color. Not only the fur, the entire body of cemani black. The price of chicken is also very expensive, original chicken cemani sepemewa kemistisannya can cost 2 million to 250 million per adult lifespan. But if cemani in general can start with the price 500.000 rupiah. Usually chicken cemani used for magical rituals, can cure various diseases and famous as hockey chickens. For that cemani chicken many hunted by many people and this chicken including rare chicken.

 If you are a Muslim, never make chicken cemani as a ritual because it includes shirk. Chicken cemani should be used as a pet chicken or ornamental chicken simply because of the uniqueness of the shape and color that all in black.

2. The Red Forest Chicken

Red Forest Chickens or Gallus-gallus. Red forest fowl is a type of forest forest that spread quite widely, including in Indonesia, China, and India. This type of chicken has 5 sub-species, among others: gallus-gallus in Sumatra and Sulawesi and gallus-gallus bankiva on the island of Java and Madura. While the other three species are located outside of India, in India and Bangladesh there are gallus murghi, in Myanmar and vietnam there are gallus spadiceus, and in South China and Hainan there are gallus jaboullei. Red Forest Chickens (Gallus-gallus bankiva) scattered on the island of Java and Madura have male adult weight 0.7 kg and female 0.4 kg.

3. Gray Forest Chicken

Chicken Forest Gray or Gallus sonneratii. This chicken is medium size, rooster with a length of about 80cm. Female chickens are smaller, with a length of about 38cm. The male jungle chickens have neck, neck and black-and-white gray coats with red facial skin, white patches on the ears, brownish yellow beak, yellow eye iris. A purplish black tail with a long, curling tail feather down. The underside of the body is gray-white and its legs are bright red yellow with a spur.

In some countries this chicken is often used as a chicken race, where the uniqueness of their form that menajdi assessment, the more beautiful form of their crest the better judgment of the jury - the jury. As an ornamental chicken, it is rare for polar chicken to be cut chicken, but cultivating them is quite difficult because some cases of polland chicken often kill their own newly hatched children.

4. Silkie Hen

In Indonesia the silkie chicken is known by the name of cotton chicken. This naming is because cotton chickens do have fine feathers like cotton and unique. The possibility comes from China, has a feather like cotton swell that stands up so it looks great from a distance. White fur color, behind the jengger there is a crest that grows toward the back. The weight of 0.8 kg of cock and 0.6 kg of female. Their long feathers do serve to keep their bodies warm during extreme climates in China that sometimes come suddenly. Just like a poland chicken because of the uniqueness of feathers, this chicken is often used as a chicken race in several countries. Another uniqueness is the chicken's toe there are 5 different premises chicken that is usually only 4 fingers.

Black cotton meat and bones are believed to have many benefits. To be able to enjoy the cotton chicken, you must spend more in the price because the expensive.

5. Orpington Hen

As the name implies, orpington chickens are chickens from the Orpington region of England. Orpington chicken is the result of a cross between minorca chicken with plymouth rock which is then crossed again with chicken langshan.

This cross is done to create a type of chicken that grows fast with high egg production. So no wonder the picture above shows the chicken orpington very bongsor.

6. Phoenix Chicken

Chicken phoenix is ​​a close relative of the chicken onagadori, the chicken that has a long tail feathers. The tail feather length can reach 12 to 27 cm, the tail length is obtained from the selection of the best genes that allow the tail feathers to continue to grow.

Chicken phoenix is ​​a descendant of Japanese onagadori chicken developed in Germany.
Phoenix chicken is a productive and actively moving animal, phoenix chickens require high protein foods for the tail to grow optimally. The most suitable place to keep the phoenix chickens is in the vast plantations, they will grow well when placed in a free place.

7. Kate Chicken

Kate chicken is small, short-legged and unique because it has many advantages compared to ordinary chicken, especially in terms of the beauty of fur, comb, physical appearance and behavior. There are several kinds of chicken kate, among others:

1. Local kate chicken
2. Ayam kate batindo
      3. Chicken kate Bangkok
4. Chicken kate Gold
  5. Chicken kate cochin
         6. Chicken kate sword legs

8. Leghorn Chicken

Do you like the Italian country? If you do not have time to get there, first acquaintance ya with chicken typical of Italy, hehe. Yes, Leghorn chicken is one type of chicken that comes from Italy. In Italy this chicken is also known as livorno or livornese.

Leghorn Chicken is generally a beautiful white color. But there are also variants of leghorn chicken with other colors.

9. Randah Batu Khicken

Randah Batu khitcen or abbreviated with the word ranbat, is one of the original chicken Indonesia originating from West Sumatra.

This chicken belongs to the chicken kate / ratiah class. The striking characteristics of this chicken are seen on the feet and short fingers. On the other hand the burly impression in this chicken more visible because of the circle of his legs are very large.

Just like a typical chicken, the color of the attractive stone feathers makes the type of chicken sold with various color variants, such as wilah comb, sumpel and so forth.

10. Sebright Hen

In Indonesia Chickens sebright known by the name of batik chickens. This is because the color of this chicken does resemble a batik motif. Although named chicken batik but this chicken is not originated from Indonesia, their original habitat comes from Europe which is also known as Sebrict Bantam in England, many people also think this is a chicken that originated from italy but it was wrong this hometown of chicken is english. The color of the feathers carved like batik with a fish scales patterns are clear and neat. It has a base color of reddish or yellowish brown and is called Canadian Batik, as well as a silvery-white base called Batik Italy. Not only in Indonesia, this chicken also has captivated the hearts of many people in the world so that the spread of this chicken has spread throughout the world.

11. Arab Chicken

The Arab chicken is descended from the brunel kriel-silver chicken from Belgium. Called arab chicken for two things: the male has a high sexual power and its presence in Indonesia through its eggs brought by people who perform the pilgrimage from Mecca.

Arabian chicken is easily recognizable from its feathers. On a shiny white neck, white spotted dorsal hair, white-striped black wing feathers and black dominant tail feathers mixed with white. Medium pink-shaped small comb and black eyes with a circle of yellow.

Genetically, Arab chicken is classified as a poultry breed is superior, because it has high egg production capability. Most people use Arab chicken to produce eggs instead of meat, because arab chicken has a blackish skin color and thinner meat than ordinary chicken so the meat is less liked by the community.

12. Turkey Chicken

The turkey chicken is a large chicken of the poultry species gallifrmes geneus meleagris. Male turkey chicken has a larger body size and colorful fur from female turkeys. Turkey chicken has a susceptible wings along the 1.5 to 1.8 meters.

There are two species of turkey, turkey M. gallopavo from North America and turkey chicken M. ocellata from Central America.

The turkey chicken M. gallopavo has a pial or part under the sagging beak, whereas the turkey chicken M. ocellata has no wattle. Turkey's turkey is a type of asexual animal, because it has a unique ability to reproduce.

Female turkey chickens can produce fertile eggs without being fertilized by male turkeys, but the turkeys produced are more susceptible to disease.

13. Serama Hen

 Serama Chicken is one type of ornamental chicken that has a small body shape among other chickens. This chicken is half the size of an ordinary chicken. This ornamental chicken is usually contested by pitting its dexterity in style.

Although the body is small, this chicken has a high style. Head looks up like a snob, chest swell, wing position visible vertical (upright). His posture is solid and round. Chest is bigger than the back (back) tail big, long, tall and tegaki.

Have a confident and courageous character. Style more often highlighted, like to crow and like to stand. These are some of the characteristics of Kate Serama's chicken. Although small body, but the price is extraordinarily expensive. A Serama chick can reach millions, judging by the quality and achievements as well.

We used to know chicken kate as the smallest chicken in the world, now the title was taken by chicken serama. Chicken that comes from this neighbor country, widely known as kate serama, but chicken serama different from chicken kate, chicken serama is a chicken that has a smaller weight than kate chicken, their weight is only about 8 ounces or 1 kg only. While female chicks just weigh less than 5 ounces.

14. Rosecomb Hen

Named rosecomb because this chicken has a unique shape of the comb. In English comb means jengger and rose means roses. This form of chicken comb is indeed a bit like roses. Different from the chicken comb in general.

Another characteristic of this chicken is the large and white ears. Chicken Rosecomb or rosecomb chicken comes from England.

15. Polish or Poland Hen  

Or often also called Black Poland, although his name has a frill of polland turns out this chicken is not from polandia, this chicken hometown is russia. They are a unique type of chicken because of their form which is often the spotlight of many people the color is smooth black, the rooster has a horn-like or V-shaped jaw and bright red color, behind the jengger there is a crest or long crown feathers, bushy and stiff white . Jengger hen does not appear because it is covered in frizzy crown fur.

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