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How to dress good and right according to islam

Alhamdulillah this time many Muslim women who wear Muslim clothing, Some are already dressed according to religious guidance. There are also those who already wear the hijab, but still far from the teachings of Islam. For example, some wear the hijab, but the hijab does not cover the chest. Worse yet, he was wearing tight T-shirts and pants so that the curves of his body are clearly visible. Finally arise weirdness, wearing a headscarf but really look sexy ?

Well this paper is not meant to be criticized. But to give enlightenment so we know how to dress properly according to Islamic teachings.

- Islamic clothes should cover the whole genitalia.

Aurat male according to jurist is from center to knee. Aurat woman also is all the limbs, except the face, palms and soles of his feet. Rasulullah SAW said: " That thigh is aurat." (Bukhari)

- Islamic clothes should not appear bodily or sparse.

 From Saidatina Aisyah that one day her brother, Asma bint Abu Bakar came mengadap Rasulullah SAW was he dressed thin (rare). Seeing the circumstances, the Prophet Muhammad SAW continues to look away. "(HR Abu Daud)

- Sometimes there are clothes that cover the whole body, but the fabric fibers are so rare exactly like gauze or transparent like plastic. As a result the body or skin color was seen as if naked.

Rasulullah SAW said: "Two classes of experts of hell that I have never seen is, a group holding a whip like a bull used to hit a man and a group of women wearing clothes but naked and bobbing the body as well as his head like a camel bulb that is submissive . They do not enter paradise and can not smell it even though the smell of heaven can be smelled over a great distance. "(Muslim)

- Clothes should also not be tight so that the body shape is clearly visible.

- Clothes are also not to boast or luxuriate.

"Pretending to have neglected you" (At Takaatsur : 1)

- Clothes should not be excessive, giving rise to arrogant or arrogant feelings when wearing them. For example, we often see the nobles whose clothes are so fancy and long that they are dragged along the floor while their chin faces upward with a sense of pride.

Ibn 'Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, reported
Rasulullah SAW said: God will not look at the man who drags his clothes with pride. (Saheeh Muslim No.3887)

Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
He sees a man dragging his cloth, he stomps his feet to earth, the man is the prince of Bahrain. He said: Prince comes, prince comes! Messenger of Allah. He said: Allah will not look at the man who drags his cloth with pride. (Saheeh Muslim No.3893)

- So if anyone is wearing expensive clothing for example with the price of 5 dinars to the top or Rp 5 million to the top while boasting to his friend, I bought it for Rp 5 million, undoubtedly it is not Islamic anymore.

- It should be simple and not excessive so that the rest of the money can be used for charity to help the poor.

- Men's Clothing should be different from women's clothing. Should not men be dressed in women and women dressed in men even though it might just be a laugh / joke.

Rasulullah SAW said: "Allah cursed women who imitate men's clothes and attitudes, and men who imitate women's attire and attitudes." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Your Majesty also said: "Allah cursed men dressed in women and women in men." (Abu Daud and Al-Hakim)

- Women may wear silk. But man can not.

Rasulullah SAW said: "Do not wear silks, indeed those who wear them in the world can not wear them in the hereafter." (Muttafaq 'alaih)

- Should when out of the house the women wearing the hijab.

"O Prophet, say to your wives, your daughters and the wives of the believers:" Let them stretch out their veils all over their bodies. "That is to make them easier to recognize, so they are not troubled. And Allah is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful. "[Al Ahzab 59]

- Shawls should be worn to cover the chest.

"Say to the believing woman:" Let them withhold their sight, and their sex, and let not their jewelry be revealed, save that is visible from him. And let them cover the veil thereof, and do not show their jewelry except to their husbands, or their fathers, or the father of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brethren, or sons - the son of their sister, or their sisters' sons, or Islamic women, or slaves they have, or male servants who have no desire (against women) or children who do not yet understand About women's aurat. And let them not strike their legs to reveal the jewels that they hide. And repent ye unto Allah, ye who believe, that ye may prosper. "[An Nuur 31]

Under the example of wearing Muslim clothing that is not according to Islam. Do not let the clothes of our wives, daughters, or sisters be included in those examples. Finally there are examples of dressing the right muslimah.

Error in this image:

Veil does not cover the chest

Allah SWT said in the letter An Nur verse 31 ".. and let them cover the veil to his chest ..."

Error in this image:

Veil does not cover the chest
Skirts worn less long
According to the narrations of Imam Tarmizi and Nasa'i, from Ummu Salamah r.a. "O Messenger of Allah, how will women do their lower fabrics?"

Surah Rasulullah S.A.W: "Let them lengthen the goods a inch and do not add more to it.

Error in this image:

1.  Clothes are tight and reveal body shape

The Messenger of Allah said "let him lend him a long and loose dress"

2.  Make up is very thick

Allah SWT says in the letter Al'Araf verse 31: "O children of Adam's grandchildren. Wear your nice clothes every time you enter the mosque, eat and drink, but do not overdo it. Really God does not love people who exaggerate "

Error in this image:

1. Veil does not cover the chest

• Short blouse arm

1. The skirt is short

2. Not wearing socks

"And say to the women of faith, that they keep their eyes and keep their cock, and do not reveal the jewelry (aurat) except that which can be seen ..." Surat An Nur, verse 31

Error in this image:

• Short blouse arm

1. Not wearing socks

Skirts are worn in front
"Whoever wore the eye-catching clothing, then Allah S.W.T will give clothes of disgrace in the Hereafter" [Ahmad, Abu Daud, An Nasa'i and Ibn Majah]

Error in this image:

- Veil does not cover the chest
- Tight clothes show curves
- Short blouse
- No socks

"Truly a hell of a hell of a wretched man is a clothed but naked woman who leans toward evil and draws others to do evil. They will not enter Paradise and will not smell it "[Bukhari and Muslim].

Is the way you dress even though it has covered the head is still much wrong?

Then how to dress properly?

Please see below.

Rasulullah SAW has said :

"That the daughters when they are old enough, they shall not be seen for him but his face and his palms up to his wrist" (H.R. Abu Daud)
It is hard to wear a good Muslim dress and according to Islamic teachings. Such a personal experience is spoken by one author of this source. Maybe the good muslim clothes are like mothers, not fashionable, not sexy, and so forth. But that's the truth.

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