Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

If only the happiness is easy to get - Motivation story


  • If wealth can make people happy, Of course Adolf Merckle, the richest man from Germany, would not crash into the train.
  • If * fame * can make people happy, Of course Michael Jackson, famous singer in the USA, will not take sleeping pills to overdose.
  • If * power * can make people happy, Of course G. Vargas, president of Brazil, will not shoot his heart.
  • If * beauty * can make people happy, Of course Marilyn Monroe, a beautiful artist from the usa, will not drink alcohol and depression medication to overdose.
  • If * health * can make people happy, Surely Thierry Costa, a famous doctor from France, would not commit suicide, due to an Event on television.

Apparently, happy or not a person's life, is not determined by: How rich, virtuous, beauty, strength, health or success of his life. But what can make a person happy is the attitude of one's own heart. Will she be grateful for everything she has in everything.
  • If happiness * can be bought *, surely the rich will buy that happiness and we will be hard to get happiness because it has been spent by them.
  • If happiness is *somewhere*, surely half the other earth will be empty, because everyone will go there to collect where that happiness is.

Fortunately happiness is in the heart of every human being. So, we do not have to buy or go to the hard-earned happiness. What we need is a clean heart then happiness will feel happiness anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances, then a successful life is ours.

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