Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Choose, father go hell or father go to heaven ?

If dad says his heart ...

My child...
My daughter, my darling,
You're a true wild,
You tell the world I'm your Hero
I Love Your First
I'm Everything to You.

Son, is that so true?
Son, thank you for uploading my photo on your Facebook Account or other social media
With a million captions of your affection
Son, thanks, it's just that I do not have Facebook I can not like your picture.

But you're a Cheater my daughter
Do you really want to be happy with me?
Is that what you do for me girl?
Is my heart happy for you?

My cries and your tears too?
Son, after you're Baligh
Me, your brother will participate
Dragged in your sins kid.
You're a Cheater!
You want me to be happy?

But because of you I was dragged into the Hell of God
The reality is painful for me;
The girl I hope can reach out in the Hereafter to put me in heaven, with Tega pushing me to Hell.
Child, You're a Cheater
You show your aurat to everyone
Good Real Good World Maya
I am the one who will burn Hell for that.
Son, you're a wild
Actually you're dating someone who knows who you always praise
Are You Happy?
Yes I am miserable in the Hereafter
You do not care about me
You're just thinking about you
You're just thinking about your World.
Son, is it because I am not a Noble Person who 3 times the Prophet Muhammad mentioned so you tricked me?
Son, it's simple, but you're my best investment
Should I beg you for
Not Dating and Closing Aurat?
Should I beg your father to kneel at you son?
Should ?.
Son, you're really Tega
Your friend once said
You'll close the aurat after you get married
Because you do not want your husband to go to hell?
Son, it's a painful grievance of my heart to know
So I go to hell are you okay boy?
Son, maybe I'm not a Ulama,
Not Ustadz, not a chaplain, not a Master
I do not teach you much about Religion.
Forgive me, for I am your knowledge of Religion only Standard only
But I know, you are the Great Son.

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