Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

don't throw your bottle drinking former !

The Creative Ideas of Recycling Plastic Bottles are an Interesting item !!!

Recycling plastic bottles is a wise way for us to help utilize inorganic waste into usable items.
Making handicrafts from plastic bottles, Indonesia is the king. His work is very rich, diverse and innovative. There are many examples that can be imitated. And to support the plastic bottle recycling program, Here are some Creative ideas of recycling plastic bottles into items of interest :

1. The Hanging Pot Funny at home

Flower pots like this are also great for displaying in front of the home page, which is usually empty, Now we can fill it with something more unique, funny and make our home page look more beautiful because many plants with interesting flower pots.

With capitalized subordinate plastic bottles, with a touch of color and pictures, can produce a cute decorative paint. We can draw anything to taste next to a bottle that can be a funny hanging pot hanging inside at home.

2. Garden with a vertical hanging pot in the home yard

Now in the city is very rarely a vacant lot for us to plant, by recycling plastic bottles into vertical gardens that can be attached to the wall of the house, We can plant again in a fairly simple way like the picture below.

It can also slightly reduce the air getting worse. Making this plant like this will make us more proactive to the environment in which we live.

3. A versatile small wallet

Purses made of fabric or leather are common, creative purses, of course, by utilizing unusual materials. Creating wallets from recycled materials definitely requires creativity.

Juggling two subordinate bottles of mineral water plastic plus a simple zipper into a wallet is a thing that has more tilapia.

4. Place the newspaper 

If Owning a house of course we do not want to see homes that fall apart because of splattered newspapers everywhere, make a place daily newspaper in our homes in a simple way.

Just putting together a few used plastic bottles, then it became a simple newspaper place that did not cost money, the house no longer scattered old newspapers and more neat.

5.the container is painted like the OWL

Container that can be used to store small items, which in the form of a being such as the OWL, with paper so we have colors, then it could resemble like the image below.

        It's her some ideas on recycling plastic bottles be the result of creativity. We can create our own ideas and we can even invite other people to join creativity. Don't limit creativity we just from following the examples above, make a reference. Imagine what if inorganic wastes such as disused plastic bottles in the future become goods that have a value in order to sell even more, then our environment will become more comfortable and there are no waste piling up again.

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