Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Mail Merge in Ms. Word

Steps to create mail merge in Ms. Word :

1.  Open the ms.word app
2.  After that go to Mailings menu
3.  Go to the Mail Merge start menu and select Letter
4.  Then Click "Select Recipient" and Select Type a new list, then select Crate.
5.  Since I only need the address and its name, then I will delete the unnecessary part. Click Customize Columns, then delete the unnecessary part.
6.  If you want to add a list. Click Add, then fill in the list you need then click OK
7.  Here I only need name and address only. Then click OK
8.  In this section please fill in the name and address you want
9.  Then click OK  
10.  After that save file
11.  Later save this file along with the file ms.word in 1 folder
12.  In this section click OK
13.  After that go to mail menu >> enter column merge >> select name or address
14. Put the name and address you want If you want to display the results. Select Preview Results. You can move the left and right arrow keys to move between names.

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