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Stories of motivation, detection of arrogance

The arrogant ...

Arrogance is generally born when a person has an advantage or a privilege but he does not realize that it is actually God's gift as a test to him, not something that necessarily shows his glory.
Therefore, pride will lead to two things; Defying God-sourced truth and degrading or despising humans whom he considers inferior to him.

The Messenger of Allah said,

الكبر بطر الحق, وغمط الناس
"Arrogant is rejecting the truth and harassing man." (Muslim)

The continuation of this arrogant effect is easily predicted, namely the birth of various munkar, disobedience, kufr and polytheism, violation of rules that have been agreed. Consequently ... the social order becomes corrupted, tranquility and security disrupted due to various forms of injustice against humans and various offenses in the name of pride.

This led to the birth of pharaohs who felt great about the power he possessed, and he oppressed the nation, while at other times he arrogantly said as Allah told him in the letter of An-Naziat verse 24;

أنا ربكم الأعلى
"I am your highest god."

arrogant is a disease that often affects us all. Anyone and regardless of your status or our position.

Level One:
Arrogant is caused by the material factor, which we feel →
More powerful,
Higher position,
More handsome, and
More honorable than others.

★★ Level Two:
Arrogant is caused by the factor of intelligence, we feel →
More diligent,
More competent,
More experienced,
More insightful than others.

★★★ Level Three:
Arrogant is caused by the good factor, we often consider ourselves,
More immoral,
More generous,
More charity,
More contribution to the people.
More excited to struggle and worship.
Bigger than others based on what has been achieved, while underestimating others by considering him as a small person.
More sincere than others.

Interestingly, the higher the level of our arrogance, the more difficult we also detect it.
Arrogant because the material is easy to see. However, arrogant because knowledge, especially arrogant for good, is difficult to detect. The reason is, often only in the form of fine seeds in our hearts.

Try every day, we introspection ourselves. Sometimes we need other people to introspect self, we need criticism and input of others. Realize that every good thing we can do must be grateful that we will not become blind to the arrogance itself.
Pride will only lead us to a deeper fall, and besides pride is also disliked by our fellow human beings and God Almighty.
It is no exaggeration to say that pride is the most hateful thing in society, and even heavier, the quickest to invite the anger and wrath of Allah Taala.

Because human nature does not like to see people who are arrogant even though directly he is not harmed by it. Especially if it turns out he is harassing others. Because man, whoever he is, even though he is the weakest and the least, no one is willing to be humiliated and demeaned.

The God Almighty and powerful hates the arrogant nature of being in man. If other attributes of God are generally advised to emulate, such as the nature of compassion, patience, forgiveness, etc., but not so with this arrogant nature. This property can only be possessed by God, it can not be possessed ... In a hadith Qudsi narrated by Abu Daud and others, Allah Taala says,

الكبرياء ردائي, والعظمة إزاري, فمن نازعني واحدا منهما, قذفته في النار

"Pride is my scarf, greatness is my sheath, whoever takes one of the two from Me, then I will throw it into hell." (Narrated by Abu Daud)

So throughout history his pride will only give birth to chaos, hostility, and the loss of security in society. And next…. The loss of blessings from Allah Taala in his life. May be abundant treasure ... .. career uphill ...... high standing ....... But with pride it does not bring good to him. In fact, not infrequently catastrophe due to arrogance has been revealed in this world before life in the hereafter.

May God cleanse our hearts from our prideful nature and keep us from the arrogant and save us from the dangers of pride.

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