Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

September 2007

Father ?
Father what is it ?
Why ?
What has happened ?
And why all this happened ?

Father get up, come back, and explain it all to me ...

Why did father leave?
Why mom go ?
Why did my 5 sisters go too ?
Why all of them go simultaneously ?
Why did you all leave me alone ?
Yes, alone, alone in the dark ...

Dad I'm afraid, I'm so afraid
what I can move, walk for light, find my way out of this darkness ?
then what should I do ?
And where should I go ?

Daddy, help me...

Why is there a Mother who is so willing to leave her little child
Who do not know anything
Who is not to blame
Who just want to play and play
Who still need the love and care of a mother

As dark as the world I felt at the time
So cruel the world I know
and so sick that I feel from the cruel world

Keep my mother there
Happy to him, Grant what he wants
I can not blame him
I'm just sure that behind this all mothers have good intentions.

Make me a sholehah child
A successful child, a tough, strong, patient, and unyielding person
A child capable of passing every test You give
Being a child capable of transforming a cruel world into a quiet world.
So I can make my mom happy, my family, my closest people, and people who always insult and humiliate me.

God, I'm sure everything will be beautiful in time, I'm sure I'm just the person you choose to make one of your favorite servants.
I love you God.

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