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How to make glutinous rice with durian sauce on top

Currently in Banda Aceh is where I live, the durian fruit season. Usually in this season my mother or most people Aceh will make a food material derived from durian fruit, example bulukat boh drien (in Aceh language) or called glutinous rice with durian sauce on top.

Let's see how to make glutinous rice with durian sauce on top :

Ingredients :

Glutinous Rice :
  • 1 liter of glutinous rice
  • Salt (diluted with water) to taste
  • Boiling water sufficiently

Durian Sauce :
  • 2 Big durian fruit
  • 1 coconut fruit (old and big)
  • 1 sachet of vanilla powder
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste

How to make :
  1.  Prepare boiling water
  2. Take the glutinous rice and wash it off. If it is clean then soak with boiling water until the rice pervasive for 1 hour.
  3. If it has been wash again with plain water. Then steamed the glutinous rice.
  4. In the first 10 minutes add enough salt that has been diluted with water, add little by little while it is considered whether salty is feels or not, but not to saltiness, salty quite feels a little
  5. Steamed until cooked into a pulut/glutinous rice.
  6. If it has been ripe lift and set aside.
  7. Next make the durian sauce: Grate coconut, then take the thick coconut milk and a little liquid coconut milk, then set aside.
  8. Then take the durian, split and take the seeds. Then separate the durian meat from the seeds.
  9. Then mix the thick coconut milk, a little thin coconut milk and meat durian into the pan. Then cook until boiling, but remember do not stop stirring yes so that the coconut does not break.
  10. If it boils, reduce the heat and add sugar, salt and vanilla. Feel the taste whether it is fitting, If it is fit let it be cooked 10 minutes with fire tends to small while continuously stirring. Then lift
  11. Then put the bulukat /glutinous rice into the plate to taste then flush with durian sauce on top. And the glutinous durian sauce was ready to eat.
  12. Good luck !!!
Note : Eating cold will taste better. How to grab the durian sauce enter into the refrigerator. If it is cold just combine with bulukat / glutinous rice. But remember that is put into the refrigerator only durian sauce.

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